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Go to Learn Japanese Vocabularies

Learn Japanese Vocabularies

Exercise for practice Japanese vocabularies by using matching game in order to match between Japanese alphabets and pictures. เกมส์สำหรับฝึกฝนคำศัพท์ภาษาญี่ปุ่น ในรูปแบบของเกมส์จับคู่คำศัพท์ระหว่างตัวอักษรญี่ปุ่นและรูปภาพ

Go to Learn Chinese Vocabularies

Learn Chinese Vocabularies

Exercise for practice Chinese vocabularies by using matching game in order to match between Chinese alphabets and pictures. เกมส์สำหรับฝึกฝนคำศัพท์ภาษาจีน ในรูปแบบของเกมส์จับคู่คำศัพท์ระหว่างตัวอักษรจีนและรูปภาพ

Go to FertilizerMate


FertilizerMate help you calculate the quantity to mix your fertilzer. Specific fertilizer might be difficult to buy in the market. In that case, single nutrient fertilizer to mixed it as multi-nutrient fertilizer. FertilizerMate help calculate it for you.

Go to BBPlayer


BBPlayer is a free application for music player which can play music in MP3, FLAC, OPUS formats. BBPlayer can play song from your library. Moreover, user can play FLAC or OPUS which put into app via file sharing feature of iTunes.

Go to Sawasdee Thailand (สวัสดีเมืองไทย)

Sawasdee Thailand (สวัสดีเมืองไทย)

iOS user which can help you learn basic Thai words/sentences. If you are trying to learn Thai or plan to visit a beautiful Thailand soon, these application might help you to get start to know basic Thai words and phases that are necessary for your daily life.

Go to MathQuiz


Free application for iOS user which can help you exercise your brain. MathQuiz is a math game that help you exercise your brain. With provide numbers, find the right operation to compute the provided result. Let’s have fun with MathQuiz.

Go to SolveBlock


What’s SolveBlock Hard problem is just a composite of a smaller problems. Think small, conquer big! SolveBlock is a board game that help you exercise your brain. With the provided block, try to extract as many blocks as possible. Let’s have fun with SolveBlock.

Go to Vocabmate


Free Dictionary application for iOS to help your life easy for translation. You can bring it everywhere you go via your iphone. If you are in the situation that you really need for words translation, just bring up your iphone and open VocabMate. That’s it. Your dictionary will be with you. The dictionary database is based on Stardict and LEXiTRON data. You can also choose to installed each specific dictionary which you are interested in.

Go to MoneyMate


MoneyMate is designed by keeping the concept of easy and simple in mind to keep track of your expense in daily basis. You can just open this app, put down your pay, and done!!! No need for any set up processes. This app can be your mate app on the go.

Go to Placemate


PlaceMate can help you mark your interested place easily. There are options for you to put your place into the map, you can just touch and hold directly on the map to record it or you can type in the exact GPS position that you get from somewhere else.

Go to CrosswordMate


CrosswordMate help you practicing to become an expert in playing crossword everywhere you go via your iphone. Just only bring up your iphone, go to CrosswordMate and type the letters you have. With a set of letters you get in each turn, CrosswordMate can help you generate the list of possible words. It will help you learn and discover the new words efficiently. Playing crossword will not be difficult anymore. You can learn the vocabulary while you are in the game together with “CrosswordMate”.

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